Self-employed clients, and those who receive a significant component of their gross earnings via bonus or incentive payments, should have their policies reviewed by their advisor with urgency as pending insurance changes confirm that new Agreed Income Protection policies will not be available post 31 March 2020

Agreed Income Protection benefits provide certainty that, in the event of a claim, clients will receive the monthly sum insured they are paying for. Typically, employed clients with stable incomes are well-protected by Indemnity Contracts however this is not necessarily the same for self-employed clients or those who receive larger bonus payment. The concern for these clients has always been that they may suffer an illness or injury at a time when they are experiencing a financially lean year, causing them to receive a lower monthly benefit.

Clients with an Agreed Contract are protected. Their policies will continue, and they will be in control to retain, increase or decrease cover at any time.

The team at LBW Business + Wealth Advisors want you to be properly protected, so act now and give us a call to discuss.