Whilst these two services appear markedly different it is more often the case that the two are delivered in conjunction with each other.

The term Forensic essentially refers to the application of a specific specialist skillset in the investigation and reporting of evidence for use in civil legal dispute resolution or criminal matters.


From an accounting perspective this can involve:

Financial investigations relative to incidents of theft or fraud; Contract valuations;
Restatement of financial position; Business Valuations
Assessment of financial damages;  

Why choose LBW Business Valuation and Forensic Accounting?

LBW can work with you and your legal advisors to evaluate and present evidence in format approved by the following court jurisdictions:

  • The Family Law Court
  • The Federal Circuit Court / Magistrates Court
  • The County Court

We also have personnel with courtroom and tribunal experience who can appear in person to give evidence in support of the report if required.

Aside from court matters these services can also be used as decision making tools where consideration is being given to burying/ selling a business or entering a contract. These services are often also employed as part of business succession planning as well as being required by the ATO when dealings are entered into at terms that are not “arm’s length”.

LBW’s Business Valuation and Forensic Accounting team is headed by Leigh Harry who has over 20 years experience in public accounting. Leigh and his team can analyse financial reports and investigate all aspects of financial transactions to assist with any legal or transactional needs you may have for Forensic services.

If you require specialist opinion regarding the value of a business please contact Leigh on (03)5221 6111 to discuss your particular needs and how LBW Business Valuations and Forensic Accounting team can help you