At LBW we aim to provide timely competitive solutions to high net wealth families across a wide range of issues, not just accounting in the traditional sense.

What do we mean by Family Office Services?

At LBW we believe that the ‘Family Office’ really means not just the provision of coordinated services across wealth, tax, investment and planning solutions but having those services integrated on the Australian Landscape.

We have a network of contacts which enable us to direct the client to the appropriate resource while we coordinate the delivery and stand behind the results.

In our detailed meetings we aim to develop a deep understanding of the families situations and needs.We have strong interpersonal skills needed to provide the diplomatic solutions to family issues and when they choose us as their advisors we seek to provide these families with a mentor in business, who can act as a sounding board to the family office client.

Our technical knowledge and interpersonal skills enable us to hold our own when it comes to dealing with delicate situations.

What family office services do we offer?


  • Account keeping
  • Booking events
  • Cash management
  • Establishing trusts
  • Estate planning
  • Hiring staff
  • Investment management - custodial services
  • Maintaining the family website
  • Managing properties
  • Organising charities & charitable trusts
  • Bill paying
  • Assist in buying a car or house
  • Conducting family meetings
  • Establishing & maintaining SMSF’s
  • Finding a general contractor
  • Insurance
  • Legal services - introduction to the right lawyer
  • Teaching basic financial literacy
  • Tax planning
  • Philanthropic advice

If you would like to discuss our services or how we can help you in relation to your families needs, please contact Richard Bull on (03) 5221 6111.