As the Government encourages Australians to take responsibility for and reach their retirement goals, a majority of Australians are now required to choose their own superannuation funds.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) are probably the most popular means of saving for retirement (especially if you have your own business). It allows you to take control of your investment strategy (e.g. direct property investments), reduce tax and control administration costs.

Why Choose LBW Self Managed Superannuation Fund Services?

Superannuation law is a delicate and complex area and personalised planning and expert advice is required for each individual. At LBW we are superannuation experts and can assist you with the appropriate superannuation advice that will allow you to reach your goals.

Under our service, clients can choose to fully manage their own investment portfolio or engage LBW Financial Planning to assist with the investment management of the fund. If you already have a financial planner, we are able to work in with them to assist in the administration and management of your SMSF.

Whether your superannuation strategy is in accumulation/growth phase or pension phase, we can provide you with the necessary tax planning advice to ensure you minimise tax and continue to build substantial superannuation benefits.

What self managed superannuation services do we offer?

The services we offer include:

  • Establishment of SMSF’s;
  • Full administration of the fund;
  • Preparation of financial statements;
  • Preparation of regulatory returns;
  • Audit of SMSF’s;
  • Advice concerning compliance matters and investment restrictions; and
  • Advice concerning taxation planning and pension options.

If you would like to discuss our services or how we can help you in relation to your SMSF, please contact either of our superannuation partners Simon Flowers or contact Matthew Grapsas from LBW Financial Planning on (03) 5221 6111