Use Cloud Services to Boost Productivity

Feb 2, 2015 | Business

New businesses use cloud services to boost productivity & revenue.

According to a recent survey by Google, nearly 80% of new  businesses across the Asia-Pacific region are using cloud services to save time, boost productivity, and achieve rapid growth. That’s because they’re passionate about building their brands and bringing their visions to life as quickly as possible.

Using Cloud based software can reduce your data entry time and help you to spend more time on your business doing what you know best. Many of the new cloud based software programs also make it much easier for you to analyze your business and to understand how to further develop the growth and success of your business.

of new-businesses are seeking cost savings technology through cloud services, such as remote access and real-time collaboration. Cloud solutions are the go-to choice for new businesses concerned about costs and efficiency.of new businesses that use cloud services are more likely to foresee revenue growth over the next 12 months than other new businesses not using the cloud.

If you are interested in moving your business to the Cloud, please contact our office for various options and appropriate recommendations for your business.

*Google commissioned international research agency GfK to conduct this study. Fieldwork took place in March 2014, interviewing 667 key decision-makers in new businesses across the APAC region. For this study, ‘new business’ was defined as any business established less than 3 years ago that employs fewer than 100 people. All interviews were conducted via online panels in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea & Taiwan

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