Currently there are approximately 1390 different grants available with $54.9B in funds set aside to service these grants.

The grants are offered across a very broad spectrum of industries from Agriculture to Finance to Medical to Media & Entertainment.

Some grants are provided on the basis of new employment being created whilst others are purely for the growth and expansion of the business. Some are a cash contribution towards equipment purchases and some relate to financial assistance for professional services. Others can take the form of subsidized or zero rated loans.

It should also be understood that successful application for one type of grant does not preclude you from chasing others. This needs to be done strategically though so it might be necessary to consider implementing a grant plan to work into your overall business plan.

Whilst the idea of getting grant funding sounds easy it is widely agreed that finding the right grant or even becoming aware of a grant that may apply to you is the first barrier.

LBW can assist in identifying and understanding grants that may be applicable to your business. We can then arrange and manage the application and ongoing management of the grant.

If you are interested in seeing if there is any potential grant funding waiting for you amongst the myriad on offer please speak to your LBW Principal and we can arrange a free initial assessment for you.