LBW Chartered Accountants provides a wide range of accounting, financial, business and taxation services.

Mission Statement

To provide a complete range of quality business solutions and specialist knowledge by a team of approachable professionals in a timely manner.

The Goals of the Firm

LBW Office FrontageAs a firm we acknowledge that we have an obligation to serve our clients and our profession. To fulfil these obligations is the primary goal of our firm. We see these obligations also as challenges to us to do the quality work that is expected of all professionals:

  • To provide excellent personal service to our clients in all areas appropriate for the accounting profession.
  • To assure excellence in client service through maintaining the highest level of competence, independence and integrity within the firm.
  • To be involved and contribute to the advancement of the accounting profession and our community.
  • To provide within the firm the opportunity for personal and professional advancement, growth in skills and personal inter-relationships, and rewarding work experiences.
  • To expand our scope of service and circle of clientele by developing and improving special skills and expertise.


Our Approach to Client Service

Superior client service within the confines of law and professional standards is our primary objective and operating guideline.

We seek to provide this service by making available to each client the full extent of our professional capabilities, in order to meet their varying needs on a timely basis. In seeking to provide excellent professional service to each client, we approach each engagement, large or small, with the following objectives:

  • Attain thorough knowledge of the client and their industry, in order to properly assess the events and conditions affecting it and its financial position and progress.
  • Accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of the client's internal accounting and administrative information systems and it's other features, in order to effectively advise the client and fulfil the engagement's objectives.
  • Identify and communicate situations and potential actions that suggest opportunities for improving the client's operations and condition.
  • Be alert to areas for personal assistance to the owner-manager of client firms, so that our services may be of maximum benefit to that client.
  • Provide a one to one contact between the partners of our firm and the owners/managers of our clients, thereby assuring we are aware at all times of the problems and opportunities presented to our clients' businesses.