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Reliable, accurate, trusted business valuations + forensic accounting.

Throughout the life cycle of your business, there are numerous events that warrant a formal business valuation or an experienced Geelong forensic accountant.

Situations can arise in a business that require expert independent advice and assistance. These may include obtaining finance, settling a dispute, during a marriage breakdown, throughout succession planning, or at the time of partner or shareholder admission or removal.

Many of these processes can be stressful, and the Geelong accountants at LBW look to alleviate this at every touchpoint. Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible, so you can get back to business and life. We use our technical expertise to prepare the information required to support you during these circumstances.

Our Geelong business advisors identify, mitigate, and prevent risk that can threaten your business, and push toward a positive outcome for your company.

Our clients trust us with these important matters as we always approach this work with professionalism, empathy, and integrity, ensuring our solutions are built on ethical, legal, and equitable foundations.

How Business Valuations + Forensic Accounting with LBW will benefit your business.

Accuracy + assurance

Our forensics team utilises critical investigative skills and a professional level of scrutiny to provide accurate valuations and attention to detail across all service areas.

Reliability through experience

For over 30 years, LBW has a proven record delivering the highest quality business valuations and forensic accounting services from varied and complex cases.

Peace of mind

LBW works diligently to provide confidence to clients for a positive outcome during stressful times in business and life.

Independent Approach

Rather than applying a cookie cutter method, we approach each case individually to identify strengths and weaknesses that are unique to your business and circumstances.

Business Valuations + Forensic Accounting services:


Obtaining finance


Settling a dispute


Division of marital assets


Succession planning


Estate planning


Income and capital gains tax issues


Business valuations for the entry/exit of a partner or shareholder


Expert witness services in Family, Federal Circuit, Magistrates and County courts

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