Going Paperless – Emailing Invoices

Apr 2, 2016 | LBW News

Simon Flowers
Beginning at the start of November 2016, our office will be sending your invoices via email. The email will include the invoice as a PDF attachment and will be in the same format as paper based invoices you may have previously received. The senders Email Display Name will be LBW Accounts Receivable, if you use a spam filter please ensure you add our email address to your safe list. You will continue to receive your invoices via conventional mail services if we do not have your email address on record.

Did you know?

In any given month our office consumes approximately 35,000 pages of paper. To produce that amount of paper there were 4.2 trees used; 440kg of green house gases released into the environment and the equivalent of 28,000 bulb hours of energy used to make the paper.

Help us reduce the impact on the environment by choosing to receive your invoices via email, call our office on 5221 6111 or contact your account manager to discuss.

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