Did You Know.....??

LBW are currently taking appointments on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  We understand that sometimes it's just not possible to get away from work to get your taxes done, so we've made some of our Accountants available after hours to help you.

Same professional, experienced staff, just more convenient hours.  Call us on 5221 6111 to make your appointment.

It is with much sadness and a heavy heart that we announce the death of our dear friend and colleague, Philip Marshman.

As many of you know, Philip had been suffering from a lengthy illness over the last year or so, to which he finally succumbed on Saturday.

Philip was a valued and loved member of the LBW family who made a substantial contribution over many years to the Firm, clients and staff, and for this he will not be forgotten.

Rest in Peace, Philip.


After 32 years and 9 months, LBW is saying farewell to our much loved Frederica Barnett.

Fred was part of the original team here at LBW, and has been a constant ever since, seeing much change and growth at the Firm over the years.  Her professionalism and caring nature has seen her become a favourite of all of our clients and her cheery "good morning" will certainly be missed.

She is now leaving us to enjoy a very well deserved retirement and perhaps some more marathons!

Best of luck in your retirement, Fred.  Don't forget us; we certainly won't forget you.

A message from Fred;
"It has been an absolute joy and privilege to have worked here over so many years and to have had the pleasure of sharing my journey with so many wonderful work colleagues and clients.  I will hold the memory of my time here in my heart forever and it will always bring a smile to my eyes.  Best wishes always to the Firm and everyone associated with it.  Thank-you."